The World Ain't Half As Bad As They Paint It To Be

"I get lost in the beauty of everything I see/the world ain't half as bad as they paint it to be." OneRepublic, Come Home

21 year old med student trying to make the world a better place; I'm a Hindu, I believe that people are inherently awesome, and I love my Indian roots. I'm a huge fan of inspiration and joy. Worrying is useless, go with the flow and you'll find that suddenly the sun shines brighter.

When in doubt, listen to the Beatles. Don't be apathetic. Education in current events is vital for intelligent conversation. When you disagree with someone, do it kindly. Learn to pick your battles. Smile in public. Greet the person who got in the elevator with you. Say please and thank you at Starbucks. Frolic in the sun on your day off. If your job isn't making you happy, quit. Want to travel? Save up the money to do so. Life is short; recognize and come to terms with that.

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